Presentation Guidelines

Oral Presentations

Unless otherwise advised, oral presentations for most sessions are 15 minutes in total duration, including questions. We strongly suggest that oral presentations be kept to 12 minutes total in order to allow for questions and/or discussion. Speakers are primarily responsible for ensuring the timing of their talks and session chairs will ensure that presenters are strictly held to these time limits. Note that some invited and workshop speakers may be allotted different oral presentation durations.

We ask that presenters use PowerPoint or Keynote software to complete their presentations and be prepared to upload their presentations no later than 8:30 am the day of their talk. Details about the location of the speaker ready room will be shared closer to the conference.

Be sure that the fonts you use, including those on figures, will be legible to the audience. A good point of reference is to test whether you are able to read everything on your own presentation from a 15-17” screen at a distance of ~1 m. Font sizes less than 18-20 point are not recommended.

Poster Presentations

Posters will be allotted their own afternoon sessions in a large, centrally located area of the conference centre. All posters must be posted to their assigned space (this will be communicated directly to presenters) by no later than 8:30 am on the day they are to be presented.

Posters must be printed in landscape format at no larger than 42” (1.07 m) high x 70” (1.78 m) wide.